Hi! I am Superpartes, founder of the Space Engine Database and enthusiastic player of Space Engine. I don't have a scientific background but since childhood I've been fascinated by astronomy.

I've often heard and read from people who think about the vastness and complexity of space that it makes them realize how insignificant we are in front of the true size of the universe. While I agree to a certain extent I think that musing about the universe sorrounding us has also the potential to make us feel less insignificant. After all we are able to appreciate the beauty and grandiosity of what is around us, which means that we might be more than just "biological machines" born out of an evolutionary process.

I discovered Space Engine two years ago and I was very impressed by the massive and fascinating virtual universe that this simulation unfolded in front of my eyes. I always enjoyed travelling from planet to planet and giving names to the objects that I found interesting. I also enjoyed inventing little backstories for them, based on their physical properties. I took this one step further when I decided to make this wiki and create a database where everyone can look up interesting planets found by me and other users. This wiki is also an opportunity for me to learn more about the scientific theories regarding the various types of exoplanets and their properties. Of course managing this wiki will also teach me a lot about the creation and management of a wikia website. I look forward to this to this interesting and educational experience!

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