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This database is intended as a resource for everyone who has started his personal voyage in the space simulation Space Engine.

Space Engine contains many known celestial bodies but also generates a huge procedural universe. Since this universe is the same for all players who use the same version, planets and other celestial bodies can be shared and visited by other users.

Reality or fiction?

If you have read some of the articles you might wonder which elements are fictional and which elements are "real" scientific data. The distinction is as follows:

  • Real objects have only data that is supported by external sources, albeit of course sources can be wrong in some cases and astronomy is also a quickly developing field, where theories and conjectures could be disproven at any time.
  • The background articles about exoplanet types are semi-fictional and should be imagined as extension of the Space Engine universe, where planet types such as "terrae" can be found in abundance and observed very closely. In reality astronomers don't have the technology and methodology required to observe exoplanets directly. What they do to circumvene this problem is making indirect measurements and extrapolating data from that. This means that our understanding of exoplanets is very constrained and purely factual articles would be extremely short, as most information we have is based on conjecture.
  • Procedural objects have fictional articles, the discoverer is free to choose his own story when he/she creates an article.

Join us!

Various discovered objects will be recorded. Everyone who wants to add his/her own discoveries is welcome!

  • If you want to add new objects, please read the Guidelines.
  • If you want to give a helping hand to other users, visit our "help me" list

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