Welcome to the Space Engine Planetary Database.

Here are some simple rules and suggestions for creating new articles and uploading content.

Uploading Images

If you want to create an article about a planet a "portrait" image should be included as a main reference. The main image depicting the planet should have approximately a 1:1 height and width ratio and the planet should be centered. Also a big portion of the planet should be visible: think of it as a passport photograph

If you have beautiful screenshots of the planet and its moon(s) of course you can include them in inside the description or after the description.

During the uploading process the portrait image should be named [name of planet]-main.jpg

Any additional image should be named

[name of planet]-000.jpg

[name of planet]-001.jpg

[name of planet]-002.jpg

...and so on

This method of naming files will make it very easy to edit articles in the source code without knowing the names of the files to include.

Creating planet infoboxes

Every article describing a planet should contain at least an infobox with basic information.

The RS code of the planet and the version number are mandatory, as the main purpose of the database is to allow users of Space Engine to visit the planets themselves.

You can ease the transcription of RS codes by just exporting your whole local database of discovered celestial bodies into a text file.

To create an infobox just use the custom template SE_Planet

I hope that these rules will be easy to understand and follow and that you will have a happy time creating, editing and reading the articles of this wiki!

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